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Initially in Hungarian and Romani language, Dzhanes Online addresses the following topics and issues in its blocks: 

  • Fakanal (Wooden Spoon) – health conscious cooking blog 
  • blog presenting animal-cruelty free products
  • landscape and photo blog
  • blog about fungal species
  • Lacika – gender equality video blog
    • In Lacika we reword the jokes about blonde women, placed my name and person instead of “the blonde woman”, illustrated with drawings and graphics, later animatedly. Using his pleasant, “newsreaderish” organ, Gábor Szénás reads the reworded jokes in the videos (what is the same funny, independently of the change in the person and sex – but quasi assuming to myself the stupidity of the subject). The highlighted and clearly communicated message of the blog is that there can be always found a reason for discrimination and to hurt each other in every situation, if we approach each other with this intention. Instead of this, we keep it forward-thinking to focus on each others values and positive qualities every day – to reach an overall social well-being and more healthy morale.
  • anime and cartoon blog
  • astrological and psychological blog focusing on self-awareness
  • Gift Vegetables and Fruits – photoblock: in order to popularize vegetable and fruit consumption, we produce and publish Birthday and Nameday wishes, cards, illustrated with fruits and vegetables. 
  • 21st Century Conversations: real or fictional, humorous conversations that contain new, forward-looking words, scientific and technical terms, which will most likely be built into the all day language. 
  • news related to environment protection and renewable energy sources
  • news related to human rights, equality and activism 
  • positive celebrity news, mainly focusing on “the institution of the modern family” – by translating the selected news of E! Online (my former client as a self employed social media manager on behalf of Campaign Factory Consulting Ltd.) illustrated with drawings of Hungarian drawing artists, cartoonists and me.

‘Dzhanes’ means “Do you know?” or “You know it” “You got it” in Romani language.