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Shukar Shop is a initially a clothing accessories webshop which inherits traditional Romani, Hungarian and Spanish patterns in its offered products. (‘Shukar’ means ‘beautiful’ in Romani language). In its second phase, Shukar is a clothing and furnishing webshop, with the missions: 

  • to create an online market for those craftsmen, unique jewelry makers, carpenters, upholsterers and joiners whom it has not been available due to the lack of necessary knowledge and infrastructure
  • to make these professions attractive again among the Roma and non-Roma youth. 

The webshop is available in Hungarian, English, Spanish and German languages – to offer a wider international salesmanship. The long-term plan of Robocorp includes the extension of Shukar to an own-developed clothing and furnishing brand involving international Roma, Hungarian and Spanish designers, with the simultaneous extension of the product palette (e.g. production and distribution of smart furnitures and furnishings equipments which wirelessly connecting to the internet; IoT devices helping the daily physical-mental balance and learning; intelligent skill developing toys for children). In order to effectively promote the unique handcraft products, we carry out the webshop with an auction sub-page, where each week we auction the most unique and valuable products. The revenues of Shukar derived from the auctions are used for charitable purposes every time.