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“Laci is the one who is allowed to hang out on the social sites even during working hours. You want to amplify your presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn? Laci can help you. Writing daily posts, organizing extensive social campaigns – for him these are parts of the daily routine. He’s probably living in the future, hence we don’t always understand what he’s saying.”

Introduction of Red Lemon Media (2013-2016)

Robocorp Europe

Between 2013-2016 I worked on several prestigious projects in a leading Hungarian PR-marketing agency (Red Lemon Media) which gave me daily practical experiences to become an up-to-date social media expert. At the same time, by building my musical career, I became a well-known deejay of the Hungarian queer-community.  In 2016 I moved to Ibiza to seek new challenges as a self-employed social media manager / graphic designer / DJ related to my knowledge or even beyond, to expand them. In the same year I was nominated for the Prize of Hungarian Roma Press Center called “Aranypánt-díj” which awards successful Hungarian Roma youngsters. I was the member of online jury in the digital media awards of Kreativ.hu (http://dmbp.kreativ.hu) between 2015-2017. In 2014 I have been awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Hungarian Talent Encouragement Program named Dr. Varga Jozsef, as an “Exemplary career starter”. In my free time I learn Spanish; enhance my graphic design skills; work on my first musical album; act as a Roma-queer human rights activist and work on the idea of a media company / entertainment & well-being institute. 

“Laci is an eternal dreamer with the ability to realize his dreams. He’s helped by his creativity, talent, diligence and fast learning abilities.”
Anita Zsemlye, TV2.hu chief editor

November 2, 2015, Budapest

Previous clients & works as Robocorp Europe

Work experience

Skills & Education

Language skills

Native Hungarian
Intermediate English
Intermediate German
Basic Spanish

Other skills

Speed typing
Deep knowledge of Microsoft Office, Windows, Google Cloud Services
Knowledge and regular usage experience of the graphics editing software Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator
Knowledge and regular usage experience  of Video Editing Softwares (Sony Vegas)
Ableton Live/Serato DJ Professional User
Knowledge of other audio editing softwares: Sony Acid Pro, Sony Sound Forge


“I like contributing to projects with an environment for growth, openness and with the willingness to implement helpful, creative and innovative ideas. To improve our mission, and to develop our skills regularly, to make ourselves opinion-makers, trendsetters in the market, indirectly, but mainly, to make our world a better place.”


2013 – 2014
ImPro Budapest School of Music Technology
music producer

2013 – 2015
rgstudio.hu – Facebook Ad trainings

2005 – 2008 (Unfinished)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)  – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Software Engineering

2001 – 2005 Tiszaparti Secondary School, Szolnok
German / IT faculty